Company Culture

Fantastic Turbine Limited is a global mobile internet technology company. We are mainly engaged in the research and development of mobile internet software. After the establishment of the company, the company has developed rapidly. We not only have many years of experience in the overseas mobile Internet content service market, but we are also a new mobile Internet technology company that develops high-quality mobile games and mobile applications for the world.

Company Mission

The customer is supreme, with the product as the core, the professional team to do professional things, to create a vital overseas product matrix.


In the depth of the main business, Shen Yi is bold, embraces change, and invests in a win-win situation.

Business philosophy

To create value with high-quality products and users, to achieve the ideals of employees and partners as their responsibility, focus on doing great things.

Corporate Vision

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Address: RM 04-05 16/F The Broadway 54-62 Lockhart Road WanCHai HongKong